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A New Floor!

For those of you who did not read my second blog post (or was it my first one?) regarding our flooring choices, our floor choices was Armstrong Vinyl Tile in Little Green Apple.

Here it is going in:

I love it!


So, here’s a few things to know about vinyl tiles: they have a grain and they have a backside and a front side. We learned that the hard way. Still, things worked out.

Still loving it.


It took some work to finish. Some had to be removed due to grain directions and front and backside confusion. It took a bit of cutting for the the hubs to get it all right. But in the end, he did.


All in!



View from living room doorway



View to where the cabinet, sink and fridge will be.


So, yes. I love it. I truly, truly do. I love the way it feels on my bare feet. It still needs polished and buffed, but that is something the hubs and I (two former U.S. Navy sailors) are quite familiar with.

Another consideration that stemmed from this flooring choice was the fact that we loved it so much that we did not want cabinet toe kicks to hide the flooring.

This is where Ikea came in. Stay tuned to read next week’s post to find out how the appliances and cabinets went in!


Cindy Rios-Myers

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