A New Introduction to An Old Classic – The Song of the Sleeping Grass

Beware women, who give away your hearts, your faith, and your futures to ones who might not treasure those things.

I’m a product of a marriage that ended in divorce. It was hard, but full of lessons learned. From watching my mom, I learned that starting over again means starting once, again, three times, and sometimes four times before you get it right. I also learned that it’s easier to start again if you don’t have kids in tow.

My time in the Navy, and being a military spouse has made me cross paths with women of all sorts of walks of life. The women who made me feel the most were the ones who gave it all; the ones who did everything humanly possible to save their marriages, but were still unable to.

I’m in a very happy marriage, thank God. But so are many others.

What I’ve learned is that you cannot guarantee the behavior of someone else. It doesn’t matter how much you love him or her. It doesn’t matter how hard you work to keep a happy home. People make choices. People change. Sometimes it isn’t a drastic choice or change that makes their path change; sometimes it is tiny decisions that put them on a path that places them in a spot where they didn’t expect to be.

I wrote this The Song of the Sleeping Grass thinking of women who did all they could (in some measure or another), but still fell short.

The Army part of Song came into play because of a dear Army wife I met. Actually, an Army wife divorcee. She married her high school sweetheart and they were very happy. Then he went to Iraq. He came home alive, but different. Too different to want his wife anymore. For two years, she tried to make it work. One person does not a marriage make, though. So they divorced. She is now happily married to a man who thinks the world of her.

We cannot guarantee the behavior of others. We can’t help that our paths change. What we can do is accept, and walk in grace.

With that in mind, here is The Song of the Sleeping Grass – a story of love lost and love found.


Have you ever been so attuned to the woven strings of a relationship that you can tell the exact moment when one of those strings snap? Even when your loved one is hundreds of miles away and assures you that all is well? Such is the moment that opens the tale of Becky Medina, a 24 year old Army wife trying to keep the home fires burning in Pennsylvania while her husband is deployed to Iraq. Change is forced on her and she has to learn to live with the fact that a traumatic episode in her husband’s life has made him seek solace in the arms of another. Painfully breaking away from the life she was sure was forever, she has to start from scratch again back at her childhood home with her father. But when she decides to go on her long-postponed honeymoon to Scotland by herself, she finds comfort, passion and love in the arms of a sexy Scotsman who is in need of healing of his own and finds it in Becky.

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