All By My Selfie

Look At Me

Do you see

how I want you to see me?

Pretty, happy, goofy…

All of these things are me.

Alone in this selfie

Am I happy

Maybe I’m a mystery

Don’t hate me

Mock me

Or roll your eyes at me.

Help me

See me

Be with me

I am lonely.


First, let me apologize for the punnish title to this blog post. I love puns, and I love Eric Carmen.

Now, onto the meat of this. While I am not lonely, I have been before. I’ve been scared. I’ve been in need of reassurance. But this poem is not about me. It is a result of my ruminations regarding selfies. At first, I thought that people who sought such attention were vain creatures. However (and as a vain creature myself), I know that vain folks do not usually need the assurance of others.

What did that leave? Loneliness. I think that maybe, the folks that take the pictures want their cameras to not be cameras, but to be the eyes of someone else. They want to frame their bodies and their smiles into something that they think someone else might like.

I don’t have an answer or a suggestion for those folks. Perhaps all I’d ask is that we be kinder to them. I’ll ask myself to be nicer, too.

Cyndia Rios-Myers

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