An Amusement Park for the 40+-year-old Set

So, we recently took our son to an amusement park. He loved it. I loved that he loved it.

But, did I love it?


Parking so far away from the entrance wasn’t fun. (And I am not lazy either; I’m a runner and a hiker). I simply found myself feeling demoralized as I walked through the large, hot, asphalt-floored maze of cars that would lead me to the entrance of the park. (And I wasn’t the only one. No parent looked happy, trudging through that parking lot).

Dear. God. The lines were so long. The refreshments were so expensive. The rides were rough!

My motion sickness made it to where I had to sit out a couple of rides. Also, I could not stand to watch my baby (okay, not a baby anymore, but my baby) boy get on rides that could possibly kill him. So, I left that for my husband while I stayed on the ground and looked at other things.

But, I did enjoy aspects of it. The music was nice. The benches were good. It made me wonder, what would a perfect 40+-year-old amusement park be comprised of?

This is what I came up with: A tree-canopied field featuring checkered sheets on it. Picnic baskets full of food, and wine. Live bands playing music of all eras. Valet parking. All-inclusive pricing. Paddle boats. Perhaps a few walk-in only salons, so you could get your hair and/or nails done. If you want the “thrill ride” experience, you could go to a mingle section where you would meet new people with similar interests as you.

You know what this is sounding more and more like? The Villages over in Florida.

But you know what? It sounds like those folks have a lot of fun. Might have to keep that in mind!




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