Gifted by the Wolf: Book Two of the Wolves

Published: October 11, 2011

Gifted by the Wolf is the sequel to Rescued by the Wolf – the werewolf tale of the American Big Bad Wolf – Lana Boxer. Book two picks up right where book one leaves off – the wedding of Lana Boxer to Jorgen Bauer in his home in Germany.

Life has progressed rather quickly for Jorgen and Lana as she finds herself pregnant with no less than five pups. Quickly they both must learn to become parents along with being pack leaders as they have decided that starting their own pack is the way to keep their family safe.

However, finding the perfect wolves for their pack is not as easy as it might seem. Read Gifted by the Wolf to find out just how Lana handles the happily ever after part of finding her mate, and just how their actions cause a ripple effect in the lives of all of those who surround them.

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