Joppa Park

Published: May 2, 2011

Joppa Park tells the story of Kimberly Peters, a lifelong nature lover. Kimberly went to college for both Forestry and Law Enforcement and hopes to become a park ranger. She gets the job at Joppa Park, a National Park in northern California. Unfortunately, Kim has to compete for the position with another probationary ranger by the name of Mark and Mark is not above playing dirty to get the coveted position.
Kim plays clean though, but life gets even more complicated when she meets the very sexy Ranger James Steele on her first day on the job. James likes her, but he doesn’t like relationships so Kim is going to have to do whatever she can to land James. Kim’s getting the job as ranger is surprisingly complicated by the fact that she thinks with both a cop’s brain and a park ranger’s brain – which does benefit her in trying to find a dangerous man who is loose in her park. There are no easy answers in this story. Does Kim land James? Does she land the job? Were the fantasies better than the realities? Find out in Joppa Park!

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