Summation of Love

Published: February 2, 2012

Dr. Samuel Turner and his assistant Laura Reynolds travel around the country in a Winnebago, doing work for universities, conservancies, and cable TV shows. Their personalities complement each other quite well; Dr. Samuel Turner is a handsome, burly fellow who likes to stick to the rule books when it comes to research and projects; his assistant, Laura Reynolds is a beautiful (but socially inept) biologist who doesn’t mind pushing the envelope a bit in order to find the truth among the known (and unknown) creatures that surround us. So what happens when two smart, very attractive people work together in a very small place for a long period of time? Well, you don’t need to be a scientist or a biologist to figure that out!
The conflict in this novel arises when things change between the scientists. One of the two is scared of change and the other is not. One of them wants to go after a Cryptozoological creature that has been dubbed the “Super Salamander”. One of them wants something that the other one is terrified to give. Does the other party relent? Do they both miss out on love? Find out in Summation of Love!

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