Coming on January 3rd, 2022 – Marta Gets the Ax – Book Four of the Housekeeping Detective Series

Hi folks! I thought I’d share an update to Marta Four – and let you know that it is available for pre-purchase through Amazon. Here’s the write up for it:

“Marta’s back – ready to clean and not mind her own business. Marta’s last adventure in sleuthing a witchcraft group and a porch pirate ring taught her to watch her back. That’s out the window now, as the FBI has decided that Marta is worth looking into, Marta’s landlady is getting to be too nosy, and someone is trying to slander the name of Marta’s cleaning business. Add to that a sleuthing case involving a runaway woman, and Marta is paranoid and a bit angry. But even that mayhem does not compare to the plot twist that results in a last-minute trip for Marta.

Read on to find out how Marta Morales – the housekeeping detective – gets the ax.”

Here’s the Amazon link for preordering Marta Gets the Ax:

And finally, the cover art. 🙂 When my son first saw the cover, he said, “it looks creepy.” I knew I got it right! lol. My older sister said the same.

Are you excited? I am!

Again, thanks for sticking around and thanks for reading!

Cyndia Rios-Myers

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