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Hello Folks!

I know that it has been a while since I last updated this. Rest assured that this post will be 100% devoid of house updates. I am going to go ahead and answer some questions that some of my FB peeps have probably been asking themselves (yet not bothering to ask when they visit my FB page).

Them: Have you been writing?

Me: Yes. I have. Fiction, for sure. Nothing that I am ready to publish, though.

Them: Will you be publishing anything anytime soon?

Me: Yes, I will! I have written an essay (one of my other favorites things to write), which was picked up by a Catholic media website. I’ll give you all the details once that hits the web.

Them: Yeah, fine. But what about fiction? What about The Wolves? We are kind of waiting to see what will happen.

Me: Ah, yes. The Wolves. Jennifer Bauer is about 75% done. However, I am not too sure as to when I will publish that.

Them: Why?

Me: Okay – this is going to sound fussy, but it is the truth: I am not in a hurry to publish fiction because you guys don’t leave feedback on my books! Seriously. If you did, I might be compelled to deliver more. I mean, I hear you when you tell me you like my stuff, but if you don’t share that with others, how will they know about my works? 

Them: …

Alright. Enough on my one-sided conversation. (Although truths were revealed.) Thanks for keeping tuned to my website. Thanks for reading my books. Seriously, though. Do me a solid and leave me some feedback.


And now for a picture completely unrelated to this topic:

A Blue Jay eating a baby snake. No lie. These guys are fierce!


Cyndia Rios-Myers

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