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Demolition and Nailing Schedules

Any fan of HGTV will know what demolition is and what it consists of. Watching it on TV is fun. There’s nothing like watching someone else do a ton of labor. Doing it yourself, though, is a different story.

Upper cabinets are gone. Working on the lower ones.


Left behind


A history in flooring


Ready for the new underlayment.


I know what you are thinking. An underlayment? The vinyl flooring needed a firm base. After doing some research online and speaking to a floor pro at Lowe’s, the husband bought the plywood sheets that would work as underlayment.

Here’s another term you might not be familiar with: nailing schedule.

A nailing schedule is the distance where you must drive nails – or screws, or staples – into a piece of wood. Three inches and six inches is what the hubs came up with.

Nailing scheduling nailed


Gluing a floor down is not easily done. You have to buy the right underlayment, the right glue, and the right notched trowel (a v-shaped trowel or a square shaped trowel – it really gets that specific).

Glue is down. It actually needs a good while to get tacky before you can lay the vinyl tiles down.


At this point, we were beside ourselves in excitement to see actual vinyl tile laid out on the floor. I hope that you are, too!!! Stay tuned for the next blog post, where I will cover just that.


Cindy Rios-Myers


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