Essays or Fiction – Do I Have to Pick One?

One of three reasons brought you here:

  1. My fiction books
  2. You are my friend or family member
  3. My essays

Or maybe it is a reason that I am unaware of. I’ll try and guess and will make a list for those reasons, too.

  1. I wrote you a letter
  2. You Googled me.
  3. You are stalking me.

Whatever reason brought you here, thanks for stopping by. I could use the page hits.

So, back to my topic, do I have to pick one thing to focus on? I kind of feel like I do. Attention divided means that something is not getting my all. And I do love writing.

I love writing essays because I love sharing bits and pieces of my life that my help others. I love writing fiction because I love making up stories.

So…perhaps you can leave an opinion on this. Let me know why you came here. Let me know what you like and dislike.


Also, here’s a picture of Bueller for your troubles:

Watching squirrels

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