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I recently read Midnight Sun, which is by Stephenie Meyer. It is Edward Cullen’s tale on how he fell in love with Bella Swan of Twilight.

It was…alright. It was entertaining. What it did was make me read New Moon, which was my favorite entry in the Twilight series of books.

The first time I read New Moon was about twelve years ago; I was in my early thirties, exhausted, and with a husband who (at the time) was deployed to Iraq.

I was riveted by the series. I took it for what it was – a series written for adult women by an adult woman who was an exhausted stay-at-home-mom herself.

Back then, I was an Edward fan, albeit a reluctant one. To me, Jacob encapsulated real, adult love. I understood why Bella chose Edward, though. She’d followed her heart.

Now, at 43, nearly 44, New Moon hit differently. I feel that Bella went after Edward because he was her drug, and she was his.

I asked my FB friends their opinion. About 90% of them came back as Team Jacob.

So, what’s a writer to do? Well, she makes things “write.” I am in the process of writing Fan Fiction remedying the error made by Bella.

However, I cannot publish such, as Fan Fiction is illegal.

However, I will post a non-naming snippet in here:

It’s funny how oddly painful the onset of true love can be. When you first realize you love someone, it takes away your breath, makes you lose your bearings, and has you questioning everything you know. I swallowed at the emotion brimming through me and made it a private moment to be explored at a later time. I looked around at the bedroom my love rarely ever spent time in.

It needed painting. His bed was too short. While clean, it could use some livening up. I stared out his window and noticed that his screen was off of it. It made sense, as he probably needed easy access to the outside. I stared off into the night and let my thoughts drift.

I was exhausted – mentally, emotionally, and physically. Was a person meant to be pulled this much? Tears filled my eyes as I considered how my suitors probably felt, being part of two worlds.”

I keep going back to how Bella kept taking Edward back. I wonder what was going on through Meyer’s mind when she wrote Bella. Bella was a work of fiction, I know, but as a writer, I have questions. Did Meyer feel like she’d put up with a lot of disappointments in her romantic life?

It’s wrong to demand answers of Meyer. She did her job when she wrote an engrossing series that sold so many copies.

However, I will go on record to say that Bella picking Jacob would have made a very interesting series, and a safer one.

Fiction is for risks, though. It’s for imagination and distraction. I get it.

Cyndia Rios-Myers

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