Feeding the Beast

No, I am not talking about my new kitten, but perhaps I should – for a moment.


We adopted a kitten from the local shelter. She’s a tortie, and her name is Rozzi. She is playful and cute, but eats SO darned much!!!

Anyway. The beast of which I speak (as in feeding) is marketing. Sigh. I recently participated in a seminar hosted by Bryan Cohen, in which I learned the importance of Amazon ads as well as the long game.

Participating in that seminar lit a fire in me. I DO want to be a very successful author, and simply writing books and hoping for the best is not the way to go. After watching the FB ads seminar, I watched a Goodreads tutorial hosted by Alessandra Torre. Lots of knowledge gleaned there, but I have to work harder at the Goodreads stuff – but I’m working on it.

So…something else I’ve learned is that I’ve gotten good at writing ad copy and book descriptions (thank you, Bryan Cohen and fellow writers). I’ve become very skilled at getting ad clicks. HOWEVER, must of those clicks are NOT converting to sales.

That means that…maybe folks don’t want to read Marta. Yikes. Perhaps my series about a Hispanic maid in Chicago sleuthing on the side is too niche.

I’ll tell you what – I am not too proud to say that Marta’s stories might end early. I love writing and I want to be a successful indie author. That might mean doing a new series, or getting back to an old one.

So…I am going to keep writing Marta for a bit and will keep promoting it – all while I get ready to get back to Jennifer Bauer.

In any case, thanks for reading!

Cyndia Rios-Myers

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