Grimm TV Show – The Moment You Lost Me

Okay. Squeaky the Squirrel hasn't much to do with Grimm.  I needed a picture, though.  He fit the bill.

Okay. Squeaky the Squirrel hasn’t much to do with Grimm. I needed a picture, though. He fit the bill.

If I could recall an exact moment when the show lost me, it was when he didn’t listen to his aunt and stayed with Juliet.

Oh, Grimm.  You started out so strong. Nick was great.  So was the Monroe, Sgt. Wu, Adalin Shade, the aunt, and the mom.

But you got too soft.  Everyone starting feeling bad for Nick. Everyone became his friend.  That made it boring and saccharine.

You know what you should have done? You should have had Nick break things off with Juliet.  You should have made him hate himself for that.  You should have him alienate himself from Hank. You should have kept Captain Renard as a baddie, too.

You know who would have been a perfect antagonist to Nick Burkhardt?  Nick Burkhardt.  Nick could have hated being a Grimm.  He could have lived in his teardrop trailer while he defeated the bad guys who crossed his path. Maybe he could have accidentally killed some good guys, too.  He could have drunk his sorrows away while become a kick @ss Grimm.

You lost me when everyone began to love Nick. You could have kept me if you’d given me a reason to pity him.

You know how you could have closed the show? With him quitting police work and Grimming altogether.  He could have found a new girl to marry (who didn’t know about his past), had a kid and secretly taught him/her the ways of Grimming. Then, for the final episode, have some bad guy come and kill him off.  But you know what? That version of Nick would have been okay with that.  He had it coming, and it was a relief.

Ah well.  It was a pretty good first half season.  Thanks for the entertainment.

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