I Don’t Buy It

What is it I don’t buy? It’s the one-star review left for Marta Cleans Up: Book One of the Housekeeping Detective Series.

The reviewer (I won’t call them out by name) didn’t leave a text review, explaining why they hated the book. That takes away from the reviewer’s credibility, in my opinion.

Marta Cleans Up is a pretty good darned book. Of course I am biased, but hear me out. I am an avid, avid reader. I know what a tired story or storyline is. I avoid those. I’m not a perfect writer, either, but I am working on becoming a better writer. I’ll never stop working at that.

Interestingly enough, a one-star review stings less than a three-star review. A three star review means that there were things that were liked and things that were not liked. Depending on the criticism, I might have work to do.

In any case, the work continues. Book Three is done. Well, doneish, I should say. The truth is that I might do an entire rewrite of the book. (I’ll share why at a future date).

In other news, Marta Cleans Up is available at EVERY e-book retailer out there. Yes, I have removed it’s (ironically named) exclusivity from Kindle Unlimited. It’s been about a week, and I have yet to see sales from other retailers. It’s a long game, though, and I am okay with waiting.

In any case, keep reading, folks.

Cyndia Rios-Myers

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