If An Older Person Says Things are Bad, Trust Them

Goodness. The title for this entry almost sounds political. This is not  political. I don’t want to be another voice in the media, influencing others with biased reporting.

The good thing about getting older…actually, there are TONS of things that are good about getting older. It’s a privilege denied to many.

Anyway, the good thing about getting older is the accumulation of experiences. A “bad” situation for a sixteen-year-old girl, versus a twenty-year-old woman, and the bad situation of a forty-two-year old woman are perceived differently. The way that a person can quantify goodness or badness increases with age. If you are a peaceful person and you learn to let go of the bad crap (if you can), you have a higher threshold of bad situations.

So, it is at the age of forty-one that I learned of a heartbreak that made me stop what I was doing. For a few minutes, I did nothing, but hurt for my injured friend.

I won’t get into what my friend’s husband did to her. Because it is a perspective thing. But I will say that a single gray hair can hold many experiences. The more you get, the more you know.

So, embrace aging. And if an older person says “I have a story for you,” then sit down and listen. You might learn something that will change you. It might reset your barometer on the good and the bad. It will give you another story to tell, too.


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