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Kindle Scout Takes a Pass on Marta Cleans Up

Le sigh.

Despite many hours on “Hot,” and lots of Kindle Scout votes, Kindle Scout has passed on Marta Cleans Up. I very much knew that this was a possibility. I’d even read blog posts written by other writers who’d also submitted novels to Kindle Scout. Their posts detailed how many days their novels were on the “Hot” list, and how they were passed up. Sometimes for novels that spent NO time on the “Hot” list.

I was disappointed. Not too surprised, though, as I have been in this writing game for a while and know the sting of rejection.

To be honest, though, in my mind, I’d already spent the $1,500. I would have paid for better cover art. I would have paid for some advertising. I would have visited the Williams Sonoma store to peruse their kitchen offerings. I would have hit up Sephora and would have bought another perfume.

The reward of the contract would have felt like validation. I didn’t get that.

But now, I am back to planning – thinking about what I need to do next in order to expose Marta Cleans Up to as large an audience as possible. Does it mean improving upon the novel? Maybe. I can identify some areas that could improve. I also know which ones need to stay the same.

What I do NOT want to do is squander my time. That means that I will work on an essay I wrote just a few days back. I’ll try to get it published.

Then, it will be back to Marta. Perhaps I’ll do some cleaning up of my own.


Cyndia Rios-Myers


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