Kitchen Cabinets Install

So, our appliances came in. I cannot tell you how happy and I excited I was to have a working stove and fridge again.

Oh, a happy day!!!


So, I forgot to talk about the baseboards. We went with flexible vinyl wall base for the baseboards. It was easier. It fit in with the floor.

If I would have thought to take pictures of Ikea and our purchase process, I would have. But I didn’t. Here’s the folder you get, though, when you spend a good bit of money on Ikea’s cabinets:

The folder. Very important.


One of many receipts.


The aftermath. You should have seen the stacks of boxes!!!


So, the folks at Ikea were great. We paid a kitchen consult fee, which upon the purchase of a kitchen, was refunded to us (the consult fee) via an Ikea gift card. The numerous boxes carrying the cabinets, counter tops, and hinges were delivered just a few days later.

If there was a hierarchy of importance as far as Ikea cabinets installations are concerned, the most important part is the Sektion Susension Rail. Literally speaking, everything about the cabinets installation hangs off of that.


Sektion rail is up. Hubs is hanging the upper corner cabinet.


Something else to know about Ikea cabinets is that you have to assemble them. Also, EVERYTHING is sold separately. The doors are purchased independently of the cabinet boxes. Same thing with the hinges.


Things are coming together.


Okay – so the counter tops are sold separately too, obviously. We went with the butcher block counter top. However, what we did not  know was that they were not solid butcher blocks, but birch-veneered particleboard. Le sigh.

Lessons were learned. Pricey ones.


The hubs got it done, though. He did everything. Electrical, plumbing, and even stuff with gas lines. I am a very lucky girl, I know.

So, the kitchen was mostly done. We still needed the cabinet pulls and knobs, though. Want to see what they look like? Come back and check out my blog in a few days time. You’ll see the final pictures then.


Cindy Rios-Myers

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