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So, Vermont is great. Beautiful. Peaceful. Full of intelligent residents. Hikers and nature lovers abound, which makes me fit right in.

However, the library offerings are a bit wanting. The libraries themselves are gorgeous, by the way. It’s just that they don’t have the greatest selections out there.

My Amazon Wish List book selections are not to be had, unfortunately. I don’t want to pay for them – yet – so I am forced to make due with other selections.

That being said, it’s not that bad.

This week, I checked out Sick in the Head by Judd Apatow and Freedom – My Book of Firsts by Jaycee Dugard.

I’m not the biggest fan of Judd Apatow’s movies. The 40 Year-Old-Virgin was funny and poignant as was Knocked Up. However, in Sick in the Head, he manages to get some of today’s (and yesterday’s) best comedians to open up. I was particularly moved by Roseanne Barr’s interview, as well as Steve Martin’s. My goodness, did Roseanne Barr have a rough childhood! Steve Martin’s interview is not funny at all, but very intelligent and somewhat vulnerable. Jerry Seinfeld’s interview comes off as funny, but guarded. Chris Rock is very fun in his, and very honest. I enjoyed reading this book more than I thought I would.

I am still working on Freedom-My Book of Firsts by Jaycee Dugard. The light she writes with – and lives in – is so beautiful and bright. I have not read A Stolen Life and I don’t know that I will. I know that the adult – and her children – make it out alive, and I am happy for that. However, I am filled with fear at the thought of hearing the story of 11-year-old Jaycee. I’m a mom. I am also a kid who was almost kidnapped, but got away.

Still, I thank the library for facing me out of my book reading comfort zone. I’ve never been one to read many non-fiction books, but I am now.

So (not the smoothest segue here), you are probably wondering what I am writing.

I wrote something, darn it. Lol. I wrote Take Care of Youwhich is available at Amazon. It’s about a big sister who is forced to pick up after her sister in the worst way possible, which is covering the nature of her younger sister’s disappearance. It’s sentimental. It is hopeful. It is scary. Give it a whirl.

Take Care of You - High Resolution

As far as other stuff is concerned, I am not currently writing. I am reading. I am keeping house. I am hiking. I am homeschooling my son.

But I am still writing stories in my head. I am committing funny, poignant and clever things to memory. I’ll keep you posted as to what will make it to print next.


Cyndia Rios-Myers

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