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Marta Cleans Up – An Excerpt on Kindle Scout

Hello, everyone! I know it’s been awhile. I’ve been busy. Have you been busy? I bet.

So, the wonderful folks at Amazon have permitted me to try out for the Kindle Scout program. It’s a great program. All readers need to participate are Amazon accounts. You don’t even need an e-reader! (But you have the option to upload excerpts to your Kindle, should you own one!)  You can participate from your phone or your laptop.

So, what you do is read an excerpt for any Kindle Scout book. If you like it, you nominate it. If Marta Cleans Up – my latest book – receives enough nominations, it will be published exclusively through Kindle Press. I would TRULY LOVE IT if Marta Cleans Up would be picked up through Kindle Press.

Need more persuading? Here’s my write-up for it:

MARTA CLEANS UP (The Housekeeping Detective, Book 1)

Urban women’s fiction meets detective novel

Marta Morales is a divorced, forty-year-old Puerto Rican maid who lives in Chicago, Illinois. Marta could do more, but she lives in the aftermath of real and self-inflicted disappointments. One day, something changes. While on a job, she watches a video that reminds her of what she should’ve been – a cop in Puerto Rico. It’s too late for civil service, but not for helping others in any way she can. Marta will do that, but not before cleaning up her professional life and her personal life.

So, that’s the write-up!!! If you want to read the beginning of the story, PLEASE hit up Kindle Scout. Set your timer, as the link below goes live midnight “tonight” (December 14th, 2017 12:00 a.m. EST).

Just in case you are curious, I am including the cover art. Thanks again, and please do read (and enjoy) Marta Cleans Up.


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