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Marta Cleans Up Update: Queries

As of today (and beginning on July 2nd of this year), I’ve sent 71 queries on Marta Cleans Up. So far, I’ve received 14 rejections. No telling how many agents will not like and not reply to my query. So far, I’ve received one “Tell Me More.” I’m not pushing that agent. I hope she likes the first 50 pages I sent her. I hope she wants more. We’ll see what happens after that.

The truth is that I am getting better at receiving rejections. Sure, they are not fun. Still, when you send so many queries out, the rejections lose their sting. Which is a good thing.

I’ll keep working the queries until I get to a certain number. I have an idea or two as to what the next move will be. I’ll keep you all posted!


Cyndia Rios-Myers


And now…an unrelated picture of Bueller the cat:

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