My Werewolf Series – Free This Weekend

Before I tell you all about my werewolf series of novellas (and how they are free on Amazon, Friday, September 18th, 2020 thru Tuesday, September 22, 2020), I thought I’d tell you when I wrote them.

My first attempt at writing was NOT Marta. It was not even the werewolf series of novellas. It was a book called The Song of the Sleeping Grass.

Why no hyperlink?

Song is not available for purchase. Even though The Song of the Sleeping Grass was heavily edited, it was far too long a book. Also, it included a lot of graphic intimacy. I am trying to get away from explicit things like that. The truth is that Song could use another massive re-edit. I might get to that one day. I might not. I’ll share the inspiration behind Song in another post.

Joppa Park was my second book. I am very proud of that one.

Rescued by the Wolf, Book One of the Wolves came after Joppa. There are 6 other books in the series, totaling 7 books. I am very proud of the series, as I feel like with it, I pulled off a woman’s fiction story with that of a horror one.

So, mark your calendar to get the series for free. Then, sit down and get ready to read a fun story.


Thanks for reading!

Cyndia Rios-Myers

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