My Werewolf Series of Books

So, I love werewolf movies. Loooooove them. I wish I could watch them during the day. However, my son is not yet into being scared. (When does that happen, I wonder…)

My favorite werewolf movies are: An American Werewolf in London, Silver Bullet, The Howling, and Dog Soldiers. Save for Dog Soldiers, I have them all on DVD. And I’m just waiting to watch them. Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Anyway, let me tell you about Lana Boxer, the protagonist of the seven-book series Rescued by the Wolf. She’s a Maryland girl with a rough exterior and a heart of gold. She goes looking for her fellow social worker friend Jenny, and finds something else instead.

I promise you that you’ll like it. I promise you’ll be scared. So please! Read them and enjoy them.

The Wolves on Amazon



Cyndia Rios-Myers


Okay, so if you’re here for a Bueller picture, here is one:


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