Hi folks!

It’s been a while since I last updated this. What’s caused that? Well, a lack of inspiration. 🙂

Honestly, not receiving new reviews for my books is a bit disheartening. We authors ask for those, time and again, but get ignored. We need reviews. That’s our readers way of vouching for our books.

Also, I went ahead and got a job.  :O  I’m a Compliance Manager for a facility maintenance company. It’s pretty good work. I can do it from home, which is nice. I also get to talk to folks all over this great nation of ours. It’s a great way to get inspiration.

I’ve also pulled back from writing essays and articles. I don’t like the way that many publishers like to hang onto writers’ rights.

So what does that leave? That leaves NaNoWriMo.  I am going to go ahead and commit thirty minutes every November day to writing my detective novel. I’ve got other writer friends who are going to do it, too.

I’ve had other “creative” draws of late. I’ve picked up woodworking! It is a lot of fun.

I hope that you are all staying creative, too. I hope that you are amused and entertained. I hope that you are all dreaming, too!


Cyndia Rios-Myers


Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

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