Nineteen Years Old

How I hunger for the knowledge of what could have been!

You would have been nineteen years old. Here are the possible storylines:

  • You would have been in college for one year. You’d have a purple streak in your hair. You’d have a boyfriend that I was only okay with. You’d be driving our old Ford car. You’d come home on weekends so that I could do your laundry.
  • You’d be pregnant, or would already have your first child. You may or may not have been married, but you would have been kind, brilliant, and hard-working.
  • You might have been a model. I would have been SO very concerned for you. I’d worry about who you were spending time with, what you’d be doing to remain thin, and how viable your career choice would be in the long-term.
  • You might have gotten married out of high school and would have lived close by – visiting with your younger sisters and brothers a lot. I would have to bite my tongue – a lot – to stop myself from giving you too much advice.
  • You might of joined the military, just like your parents did. Gosh; I wonder if you would have rebelled from our Navy family and would have joined the Marine Corps. In any case, I would PRAY that you would hang out with good people during your off-hours, and that you would not squander the opportunities before you. Me and your dad would take your calls – even late into the evening – when you were looking for advice or just someone to talk to.

But we just don’t know. What I do  know is this:

  • Your memory lives here. Your younger brother talks about you a lot. He remembers your birthday. His eyes and hair are as dark as yours were. We LOVE family time. Nothing is better than being a mother, which you taught me. We will miss you forever.



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  • Reply Francine February 20, 2018 at 4:10 am

    Just love prima!!
    Thanks for teaching us by example to reach down for the courage you lived!!

    • Reply Cyndia Rios-Myers February 20, 2018 at 12:26 pm

      You are welcome!!!

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