On Other Budding Writers

So, at breakfast this morning, I asked my partner-in-crime (my son) what I should blog about. He suggested that I write about the fact that he is done with his first book.

I thought that it was a marvelous idea, so here I am, writing about my son’s book.

I love that he is writing fiction, as he’s actually not the biggest fan of reading fiction.

So how is his book, you might be wondering. I’ve read it. It actually has many laugh-out-loud moments to it. However, it needs work. I’ve told him that he needs to work on adding content, as well as making more of a connection between his chapters. He takes it well enough, thankfully.

He started writing his first book the way that I started writing my first book – with ballpoint pens and composition notebooks. I love watching his dedication to writing, as well as watching his already-good penmanship improve even more.

But…I am not a cheerleader kind of mom. If he loses a game, he loses. If he did something wrong, I let him know. Writing, I tell him, is easy, but publishing and gaining readers is hard. I’ll gently guide him as much as I can.

It’s a rough industry. I hope he makes it, though.


Cyndia Rios-Myers



And now a picture reward for reading this far. Bueller, and his cat-ish-ness:

Hey. Why is this living room so cold?” Ah. The heater hog is at it, again.

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