On the Road, Again

Hello, folks.

It’s been so long since I last updated my blog that I got my password wrong. Only once, though.

Constant change – the kind where you pull roots and transplant from place to place – makes it hard for a writer to write. The constant feeling of impermanence makes real-life seem somewhat fictional. If you are living in a place where things don’t seem real, it is hard to create another world filled with fantastical elements.

So. What’s new? Well, what is new is the fact that we are leaving Vermont. A month ago, the thought saddened me. Today, though, it does not. I’ll get into the why later on.

So. Why didn’t Vermont work out? It wasn’t the beauty. This state is the single most beautiful state I have ever seen (and I have seen over forty of them). It is not the quiet. I love the silent nights. It isn’t the cold winters, either. I love the cold. It isn’t the reserved people, either. I am an introvert and reserved by nature.

Vermont did not work out because it is expensive to live here. It is as simple as that.

It was not a wasted time, though. Not at all. Many lessons were learned. Wonderful experiences were had. Growing up happened, too.

So, where to next? Well…I’ll tell you once I get there. But will that be our final, permanent stop? I don’t know. What I do know is that this family is getting on the road again.

And that’s pretty exciting.

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