The Awesomeness of Alpacas

I have fallen in love with alpacas because of their awesomeness. Very much so. My laptop wallpaper does not feature a picture of my books, nor of my offspring, and not that of my husband. Featured there is a picture of Jellybean, the prettiest alpaca I’ve ever seen.

the awesomeness of alpacas, jellybean, alpaca

I fell head over heels with these docile creatures. Their beautiful, projecting eyes look like doll eyes. They are so quiet. So soft. And so vulnerable looking. They make this mommy yearn to own some of her own to take care of.

However, I cannot buy an alpaca farm. My husband simply would not be on board with it. Also, I don’t want the maintenance involved.

So, what does that leave? That leaves more visits to this alpaca farm to see these beautiful creatures without making a long-term commitment to them. Also, like another recent visit to a certain amusement park, this might inspire future writings.

So, I’ll leave you with more pictures of these gorgeous creatures. Be careful, though. You might find yourself looking up nearby alpaca farms to visit (try and do an internet search; there are alpaca farms all over the place!) You , too, will discover the awesomeness of alpacas.

Jellybean, again! The awesomeness of alpacas.
I've named this one Falcor. The awesomeness of alpacas.
How could you not love this creature?
The awesomeness of alpacas

You can visit these beautiful creatures, too, if you are a Pittsburgh local, or are in nearby Ohio or West Virginia. The Crafty Alpaca farm is located in Avella, Pennsylvania, which is about thirty minutes south of Pittsburgh. You can call for a tour, first. After meeting these awesome creatures, you can visit the gift shop to purchase wonderful alpaca fiber products such as mittens, hats, socks, scarves and other articles, made from the alpacas on site. Mary, the proprietor, even sells alpaca fiber items made by other alpaca farmers. So, go and visit! You will leave a different person.

Cyndia Rios-Myers

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