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The Nik Krasno Interview

Good Morning, everyone!

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to Nik Krasno, a fellow fiction writer of the suspense and thriller genre. Read on to get to know him better:

Nik Krasno

Nik Krasno

  1. How are you feeling this morning/afternoon/evening?

Tired, sleepy, but in anticipation of those couple of glasses of wine that I regularly drink on Thursday evenings, unless it’s a night out and I have a company for a more serious booze -:)


  1. Did your day go as you expected it to?

Nothing particularly exciting: errands, no book sales, but on the other hand nothing bad, so as the saying goes: no news – good news


  1. Where are the readers? Where do you think we can go to find them?

That’s THE question really. I’ve advised the police that they are missing. I think the readers stick with the ‘brands’, the widely recognized, established authors and only some of them and probably rarely check indies out from time to time. Potentially, the readers are everywhere, but to get their eyes looking at your title and convince them to spend a few bucks at ‘the moment of truth’ is one of Hercules’ labors, it seems.


  1. When you look back at your books, do you ever cringe (like I do when I see how I could have done something better)?

Cringe is a bit of an overstatement, I would say, but I do think I or we (together with a co-author on the first book), could’ve done a few things better. However unless it’s some typo (and I do hope they are between very rare to non-existent at this stage), I try to detach myself from what’s done, otherwise no book would ever evolve into a completed piece of art (I hope I’m not flattering myself too much with this)


  1. What do you want your readers to walk away with?

I want them to walk away with a decent entertainment, with a better understanding on how the things work in former USSR and Planet Earth generally and I hope while reading about an enrichment, of becoming a billionaire each would ask and answer for him/herself what’s legit and what’s not in the process and where the boundary lies..


  1. In what other ways do you perform artistic works?

Hmm… Would dancing on a table in a pub pass somehow for an artistic performance? -:) Probably not, but that’s as artistic as I get apart from writing


  1. What is your definition of writing success?

Writing in my understanding is two-fold: an art and a content business. In the context of art, accomplishing a book and bringing it to a decent level: plot-wise, editorially, grammatically, etc is an achievement and success per se. However the business part is measured by sales and income.. The more of those the more sellable your content…


  1. What advice would you give to an 18 year old version of yourself?

Doesn’t really matter, as 18 year old me, wouldn’t listen to an old fart anyway.


  1. What mediums do you use for writing? (Laptop, notepad, iPad, cell phone, notebooks).

Laptop. Sometimes if I all of a sudden I have a ‘revelation’ and I’m not near the laptop, I write it done quickly on a note-pad in my cell phone. When I have a bunch of thoughts there I send it to myself by e-mail and integrate into the stuff I write.


  1. In what surprising places do you find inspiration?

I draw from the reality and actuality. I use hangover for inspiration of some bizarre plots, characters and situations -:)


  1. Time for plugging. What’s your favorite piece that you’ve written?

I truly don’t know, can’t single one out. But we can try something humorous here (if it’s publishable). Beware: EXPLICIT LYRICS! Shut down you computer, before reading any further:


“David, do you know what the fuck is a literary agent?” I asked.

“Eh, what? Misha, it’s you?”

David’s sleepy voice was muffled and distorted on the other end of the line.

“Yeah, it’s me. Sorry, man. I’m asking about literary agents.”

“You are writing a book? Are you fucking crazy?”

 “What? No, of course not. Look, I just saw on the news that the British security forces caught some literary agent implicated in planting the explosive device at my stadium. You should watch the news, man.”

“Yeah, sorry. A literary agent you say?”


“Okay, that is someone who helps authors find a publisher for their book. I cannot say exactly what they are needed for, but it seems like they perform the function of sifting through manuscripts for lazy or overwhelmed publishers. My sister – Daria – was looking for one to represent her for a romance book she wrote a while ago. I remember her saying that some of them are real snobby cunts, but it seems you need one of them to get published these days.”

“Well, there will be one less cunt soon.”



  1. What are you writing right now?

I’m at the pre-publication stage with the third installment – ‘Be First or Be Dead’, which should conclude the trilogy, at least for the time being, and it has a little surprise in it.

Michael, the Oligarch, tops Forbes billionaire’s list only to find out that those, who really dominate the global economy, rule illicitly and stay away from the public eye. He needs to confront the ancient cabal in order to survive and to save his country… For good or bad, it should be a transgressive, radical, uncompromising, grotesque, action-packed and philosophical read.


Thanks, Nik. Now please, let our readers know where we can find you.



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