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The Personal Interview

So, as announced in my previous post, I am trying to work on my online presence again, as I have a book I went to self-publish very soon. I spoke to a fellow writer who is going to interview me. I then thought up some questions that I would love to answer. Here they are:

  1. How are you feeling this morning? Kind of tired, but thanks for asking! I took an allergy pill last night that did not work. I got up to my son giving me a hard time about not letting him have more electronics time. Right now, I am coming off of two hours of homeschooling my son who was decidedly not in the mood for homeschooling.
  2. Where do you think the day will go? I don’t know. My mood – and the day – is largely dependent on scheduled events. Swim lessons and Holy Friday services. But there will be beer.
  3. When will you have chocolate next? Soon, I hope. I had to cut back on my Trader Joe Chocolate Caramel Bar addiction. The scale wasn’t playing nice. But I had nice brownie yesterday. I expect to have something with frosting today. Hopefully.
  4. When will you be able to eat meat on Fridays again? Next Friday!!! If you haven’t gotten the gist from the answer to question 2, I am a practicing Roman Catholic. We are in Lent – at the very end of it. This Friday marks the last day of not eating meat on a Friday. Until next year, that is.
  5. When will RCIA be over? Next Wednesday evening. It is kind of bittersweet. I will miss the familiar faces and the open forum for questions. I’ve been Catholic since I was a baby, but am only now receiving my final sacrament of Confirmation. It is sweet because I will get my Wednesday nights back, along with attending Mass in the same pew as my husband and my son. BTW, RCIA stands for Roman Catholic Initiation for Adults. 
  6. Do you need to have a good cry? Not at the moment.
  7. How are you feeling about your hair this morning? It is in an awkward stage, and a bit oily. I am growing it out, as I’d cut it into a pixie about 9 months ago. I still love short hair, but not when it grows so fast (like mine does). Also, I am not gross. I will wash my hair tomorrow. 
  8. Are you looking forward to a break in kid chauffeuring? Dear Lord, YES. There is something demoralizing about driving your kid all over creation to ensure that they have access to growth-inducing experiences.
  9. Wow! You just took off like a rocket to the kitchen. What happened? My son, who was emptying the dishwasher, held on too tightly to a glass shelf. Many glasses perished, including a wine glass, a whisky glass, and a red wine glass. Glass shards glittered across the surface of my countertops, my sink, my stove, and my floor. However, the boy is okay, which is all that matters. Also, the sound of all the broken glass kind of woke me up. 
  10. What’s for lunch today? It’s a Friday of Lent – namely, Good Friday. I am going to stuff my face with bread and sweet stuff. 

What an enjoyable interview!

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