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The Twilight Series Reviewed – New Moon


Oh man!  I cannot tell you how important this book within the Twilight realm of books. Sometimes a good thing has to go bad before it gets better. Okay; maybe not. lol. The adult in me (which I usually am, I promise) wants to tell you that a good thing is a good thing. Unless it’s not.

Anyway. Things come to a head here. Edward breaks Bella’s heart. Out of love. Leaves her in the lurch! Out of love. Bella has the very adult lesson that is building your happiness and self-respect in a way that is not contingent on the affections of another.

Happens in the book, too.

Again, I loved this part. It was miserable and heart-rending to watch. You feel Bella’s pain. The adult in you realizes that it is necessary. But then, you start rooting for her. She starts building up, again. She starts having fun with others, again. Until you realize that the thrill-seeking behaviors are for a certain reason.

Sigh. But, more action comes. She has to save Edward, which is cool. She makes a choice. You’ll have to watch more to learn more.


Cyndia Rios-Myers


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