Then and Now


The upper left hand picture features Cindy 1997. The picture on the right features Cindy 2016. Here’s what their conversation would sound like:

Cindy 1997: “What is up with your hair? Did the Dorothy Hamill bowl cut come back?”

Cindy 2016: “Hey. I am growing out a pixie cut. That’s right. A pixie cut. Brave, right?”

Cindy 1997: “Pffft. That doesn’t impress me. I am two years after finishing Navy Boot Camp. My hair sucked back then.”

Cindy 2016: “You’re right. It did.”

Cindy 1997: “Why is your skin so pale? Aren’t you getting out in the sun?”

Cindy 2016: “Do you know how old I am?”

Cindy 1997: “Well, I’m no college grad, but I think that I can subtract 2016 from 1976.”

Cindy 2016. “Ha. I’m a college grad. Anyway, it isn’t easy to hang onto younger looking skin. It takes sunblock and staying out of the sun. I’ll have you know that folks are usually off by my age by like…13 years. So, eff you.”

Cindy 1997: “Fair enough. Thanks for the maintenance.”

Cindy 2016: “You are welcome.”

Cindy 1997: “Are you still driving boats?

Cindy 2016: “Sadly, no. I develop bad motion sickness.”

Cindy 1997: “What do you do now?”

Cindy 2016: “Spoilers. I can’t tell. Can’t get you deviating from your course.”

Cindy 1997: “Navy pun. Well done.”

Cindy 2016: “I still love puns.”

Cindy 1997: “How could you not? So…you go to college? How’d you like that?”

Cindy 2016: “I loved it. I didn’t get the degree I wanted to, but got a marketable one instead.”

Cindy 1997: “Any warnings for me? Anyone I should look out for?”

Cindy 2016: “I wish I could warn you, but I cannot. I can tell you that you’ve already dated – and broken up with – the jerk which you will measure all future jerks against. It was a very painful, but crucial lesson.”

Cindy 1997: “That’s good to know. That was a rough time for me.”

Cindy 2016: “I know. I haven’t forgotten.”

Cindy 1997: “Anything else you can tell me?”

Cindy 2016: “Yes. I miss that jacket. It was pretty cool.”

Cindy 1997: “Damn IT. What happens to it??!!”

Cindy 2016: “Sorry. Can’t tell. Spoilers.”

Cindy 1997: “What is this “spoilers” stuff you keep referring to?”

Cindy 2016: “It means that you don’t want to ruin a movie, a story, or a future for someone who has not yet experienced it.”

Cindy 1997: “Oh. I understand.”

Cindy 2016: “You’ve always been good with rolling with the punches.”

Cindy 1997: “Thanks. Also, SUPER cool shoes. Where’d you get them?”

Cindy 2016: “Ebay.”

Cindy 1997: “I haven’t heard of that store. Can I find that in the mall?”

Cindy 2016: “Absolutely.”

Cindy 1997: “Any parting words for me?”

Cindy 2016: “Yes. Enjoy the people. Enjoy the times. Enjoy the music.”

Cindy 1997: “What happens to the music?”

Cindy 2016: Sigh. “Nineties music is as good as it gets.”

Cindy 1997: “Okay. I’ll hit up Sam Goody to pick up some more tunes.”

Cindy 2016: “You do that. I look forward to the memory.”


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