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To Retell a Story

Can it be done, though? Can you you retell a story in a different way, or is it a rewrite?

In Marta’s case, I think it is a little of both.

I am rewriting Marta Cleans Up. I’ll tell you why. The original version is very good. However, it is told in a women’s fiction vein, and not in a sleuthing series way.

I’ve kept all of the bones of the original¬†Marta Cleans Up.¬†The backstory is 100% what happens in my original book. However, the rewrite features a lot more action.

What spurred this?

I’ll tell you. A literary agent’s good critique did this. I’m at the point of my writing journey where I am not too proud to take good advice. There was an occasion when I didn’t take good advice. I wish I had. I wish that I didn’t think that my story was an infallible, real-life creation.

Now, I know that a fiction story can be pressed and pulled into different directions. I know that it is desirable to want to reach a bigger audience.

So, I’ll keep you posted!


Cyndia Rios-Myers


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