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Twilight Movie Review: Breaking Dawn: Part 2


Action, action, and more action are (is?) what happens in this final installment of the Twilight Series. It picks up exactly where part one leaves off. Bella is a vampire. Bella is a wife. Bella is a mommy. Bella…is a fighter in training.

Storylines get wrapped up here. I’m not a fan of the Renesmee/Jacob plot. At all. She should have gotten to be Edward and Bella’s kid, finding her own way before she gets signed up to be someone’s partner. But, I think that Meyer had to set up someone as Jacob’s partner as well as an anchor tying the werewolves to the vampires.

But still….ew.

Watch it to finish the series. Mourn what you didn’t like. Relive what you loved of the series. And again – be engrossed. Let this series set you up for other books you might read. They should be demanding of your time. They should be worthy of your time.


Cyndia Rios-Myers

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