Twilight Movie Series Reviewed – Eclipse

Confession time: I didn’t watch this movie a second time (the prior two, I had watched twice). But, I did see it once and I did read the book.

Things are still “normal-ish” in the fact that Bella and Edward are still in high school. Jacob is a werewolf, fighting for Bella’s love. New vampires are being made by the lover of a killed enemy. Vengeance. Bella is struggling with MARRIAGE. The adult in me (and probably the kid, had I read it at 14) shakes her head at this. Sure, you want to become a vampire forever, but a marriage vow is troubling??? (Probably the Catholic in me, too).

Still, action happens, as does romance. A promise is made at the end of this movie, which totally gets you ready for the next installment of the series.


Cyndia Rios-Myers

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