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Good Afternoon, everyone! I hope that you are all doing well.

All is well over here. Getting ready for tomorrow’s storm by stocking up on the essentials (Stella Artois and Sarris chocolates).

Also, I am reading. Non-fiction. It’s educational. Gives me interesting stuff to talk to the hubs about.

The amount of entertainment I am getting out of this read is quite surprising:

Yeah, that’s Michael Rapaport on the cover (pardon the flash glare) – the actor. Apparently, he’s pretty well known for his sports commentary. 

I am surprised over how much I am enjoying this book, as I am not a sports fan. I am much less into sports stats. However, the way Rapaport vividly describes his favorite teams, sports stars, and even his less favorite ones does a great job of commanding my attention. (Also love his acting).


Here’s another book that I am “enjoying” in short doses:

This one is equal parts of: engaging, shocking, and disturbing.

Kara Hughes gets into some of the more horrid, unsolved mysteries of PA – namely those of unsolved serial killings. I am saddened over everyone who met their ends horribly, and whose murderer(s) got away with their crimes.

I checked other books out from the library, too; a Whiskey Rebellion book, one on women from the west, and a book by a yoga instructor who is too stuck on herself (I won’t finish that one).

So…that’s me today. Here’s a picture of Bueller the cat for your amusement. Thanks for reading!


Cyndia Rios-Myers


I will NOT get on that balance board. I don’t need agility training.

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