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What To Read While You Wait for Marta

Marta who? Marta Morales, of Marta Cleans Up  fame. She’ll be coming to a e-bookstore soon, I promise! But until then, here’s a recommendation or two on what you can read while you wait.

Paw Enforcement by Diane Kelly. Officer Megan Luz, a hard-working police officer out of Fort Worth, Texas, is about to be paired with the most challenging partner ever – Sargent Brigit – a police dog. They get off to a rough start, but then become the best partners and best friends forever. It’s the beginning of a super-fun, heartwarming, intelligent series.

The Haunting of Maddy Clare by Simone St. James. Prepare to be romanced and petrified by this one. St. James is not scared of scaring her readers, but she is determined to envelope them in an intelligent, romantic story that keeps them wanting more.

Alright. Back to me, now. So, something I do besides writing is…doodling. I like to draw things. I am not great at it, but I do like the way my pictures bend. Here is cover art I made for Marta Cleans Up:

I’ve not taken any art classes, but I did take an industrial arts classes while I was in junior high. This will probably NOT turn out to be the cover art for Marta Cleans Up. Still, it is my art, and I love it. No stealing. This is mine.


Cyndia Rios-Myers

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