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What to Watch – Silver Bullet

Yes! OF COURSE I am still a massive fan of werewolves – in books and on film. During the night of a full moon? Not so much. (Also, know that I have a lot of silver in my home).

If you want me to get into it again, I can. Werewolves are a beast that I can empathize with. If lore and canon are to be believed, they typically have no control over what happens to them.

Alright. On to Silver Bullet. Stephen King wrote a novelette (fiction tale between 7,500 to 17,000 words) called Cycle of the Werewolf.  I have not read this book.

But I did watch Silver Bullet many years ago, when it had made its debut (1985).

Now typically, I am not a fan of Stephen King adaptations to the screen (with the exception of The Shining – thank you, Stanley Kubrick). Stephen King books are common in three regards: they are engrossing, petrifying, and familiar. That familiarity – the motif that are the Maine settings or the underdog saving the day – feels like a hug. On screen, however, that familiarity can come off as campy.

Not so with Silver Bullet.


The late Corey Haim is a big reason why this story translates so well to screen. Seeing Corey’s face on film is akin to visiting a childhood friend. He was cute, he was smart, and he was funny. Also, he was a great actor. Terry O’Quinn is also convincing in his role as the sheriff. Megan Follows – as the narrator and older sister to the hero of the tale – is a comfort to see, too. Gary Busey is there, too, as the fun, alcoholic, yet wonderful uncle.

Pretty early in the movie, you see who is revealed to be the bad guy. Getting from that point to the final showdown is still exciting, though.

Silver Bullet is not a kid’s movie. Also, it features a lot of profanity. However, it sticks to werewolf lore. The camaraderie of the townspeople (most of them) will warm your heart while the scary parts and gore will frighten the junk out of you.

It’s free on Hulu+, if you have it. You’ll have to pay a handful of bucks to watch it on Amazon.

Still, it is worth watching. Enjoy!


Cyndia Rios-Myers

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