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Hello Everyone!

Thanks for keeping tabs on me. I’ll share what I’ve been up to.

Amazon’s Kindle Scout program not choosing Marta Cleans Up to be published was a bit of a bummer. It would have been a great deal. But, it wasn’t to be. So, how does that feel, you might be wondering. I’ll tell you. Disappointing. Not gravely so, though, as I have been rejected before. As a matter of fact, I’ll make a list of bigger disappointments that have come with this writing thing:

  1. An agent turning down Marta Cleans Up after having read the book. That was so disappointing. I felt like we had good rapport, too. The disappointment was so bad that I stopped writing for almost an entire year.
  2. An agent accepting Rescued by the Wolf, but only if I made quarterly payments to her.
  3. Literary agents telling me that they love my writing and that it fills a niche, but still passing me over. Sure; it is not the job of a literary agent to help my writing…but how am I supposed to work with great feedback followed by rejection?
  4. Not getting reviews from readers. Sigh. As an avid reader, I put a lot of stock into reader feedback. If a book I am interesting has little to no feedback, I will probably pass on it.

What I’ve been doing is working on Marta. I am doing my best to try to fill holes in the story. I am trying to add more backstories for other characters. I am going to work on the suspense building, too.

The goal is to continue walking the difficult walk of the traditionally published. It will take some time, I know. And probably more disappointments. Le sigh.

But, in other news, I have been reading. I love reading. I think that being able to link library e-books to my Kindle is nothing short of wonderful. I love reading suspense series featuring strong female characters. I love humor too, though.

These are two authors whose works I’ve been devouring of late: Diane Kelly‘s Tara Holloway series (she’s a Texas-based special agent with the IRS) strikes a great balance between suspense, humor, and romance. Amanda Stevens‘ Graveyard Queen (Amelia Gray – cemetery restorer out of South Carolina) series wonderfully layers suspense, women’s fiction, the paranormal and even romance.

In personal news, the flu’s got me PETRIFIED. Sure, hand-washing, anti-bacterial gel and avoiding touching others have been in effect here at home. Also, I’m getting kind of tired of shoveling my driveway. I am also not a fan of my running trail’s surface covering alternating between mud and snow.

Well, that’s all for my updates for now. However, for your trouble, here’s a picture of Bueller the cat. (He’s big, handsome, personable, but not charming):

Thanks for reading!!


Cyndia Rios-Myers

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