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Kindle Scout Takes a Pass on Marta Cleans Up

Le sigh.

Despite many hours on “Hot,” and lots of Kindle Scout votes, Kindle Scout has passed on Marta Cleans Up. I very much knew that this was a possibility. I’d even read blog posts written by other writers who’d also submitted novels to Kindle Scout. Their posts detailed how many days their novels were on the “Hot” list, and how they were passed up. Sometimes for novels that spent NO time on the “Hot” list.

I was disappointed. Not too surprised, though, as I have been in this writing game for a while and know the sting of rejection.

To be honest, though, in my mind, I’d already spent the $1,500. I would have paid for better cover art. I would have paid for some advertising. I would have visited the Williams Sonoma store to peruse their kitchen offerings. I would have hit up Sephora and would have bought another perfume.

The reward of the contract would have felt like validation. I didn’t get that.

But now, I am back to planning – thinking about what I need to do next in order to expose Marta Cleans Up to as large an audience as possible. Does it mean improving upon the novel? Maybe. I can identify some areas that could improve. I also know which ones need to stay the same.

What I do NOT want to do is squander my time. That means that I will work on an essay I wrote just a few days back. I’ll try to get it published.

Then, it will be back to Marta. Perhaps I’ll do some cleaning up of my own.


Cyndia Rios-Myers


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Marta Cleans Up – Last Push!

Hello All!

As of today, Marta Cleans Up has four days left on Kindle Scout. I am working hard to get everyone I know to go to the site and nominate it. Will it make a difference? I do not know.

Truth be told, I’ve read writer blog posts that state that being on the “Hot” list (a popularity list where your novel ends up should you get lots of nominations) has no correlation to being picked up for publishing via Amazon or not.

I don’t know what will happen. I’ll learn soon, though, I guess.

Even if Amazon does not pick up Marta Cleans Up, I will carry on with the the attempt to get it published.

I’ll keep you all posted!!


Cyndia Rios-Myers

P.S. And please go to to nominate it (if you have not yet done so).

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Marta Cleans Up – An Excerpt on Kindle Scout

Hello, everyone! I know it’s been awhile. I’ve been busy. Have you been busy? I bet.

So, the wonderful folks at Amazon have permitted me to try out for the Kindle Scout program. It’s a great program. All readers need to participate are Amazon accounts. You don’t even need an e-reader! (But you have the option to upload excerpts to your Kindle, should you own one!)  You can participate from your phone or your laptop.

So, what you do is read an excerpt for any Kindle Scout book. If you like it, you nominate it. If Marta Cleans Up – my latest book – receives enough nominations, it will be published exclusively through Kindle Press. I would TRULY LOVE IT if Marta Cleans Up would be picked up through Kindle Press.

Need more persuading? Here’s my write-up for it:

MARTA CLEANS UP (The Housekeeping Detective, Book 1)

Urban women’s fiction meets detective novel

Marta Morales is a divorced, forty-year-old Puerto Rican maid who lives in Chicago, Illinois. Marta could do more, but she lives in the aftermath of real and self-inflicted disappointments. One day, something changes. While on a job, she watches a video that reminds her of what she should’ve been – a cop in Puerto Rico. It’s too late for civil service, but not for helping others in any way she can. Marta will do that, but not before cleaning up her professional life and her personal life.

So, that’s the write-up!!! If you want to read the beginning of the story, PLEASE hit up Kindle Scout. Set your timer, as the link below goes live midnight “tonight” (December 14th, 2017 12:00 a.m. EST).

Just in case you are curious, I am including the cover art. Thanks again, and please do read (and enjoy) Marta Cleans Up.


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Coming Soon: More Writing

Hello Folks!

I know that it has been a while since I last updated this. Rest assured that this post will be 100% devoid of house updates. I am going to go ahead and answer some questions that some of my FB peeps have probably been asking themselves (yet not bothering to ask when they visit my FB page).

Them: Have you been writing?

Me: Yes. I have. Fiction, for sure. Nothing that I am ready to publish, though.

Them: Will you be publishing anything anytime soon?

Me: Yes, I will! I have written an essay (one of my other favorites things to write), which was picked up by a Catholic media website. I’ll give you all the details once that hits the web.

Them: Yeah, fine. But what about fiction? What about The Wolves? We are kind of waiting to see what will happen.

Me: Ah, yes. The Wolves. Jennifer Bauer is about 75% done. However, I am not too sure as to when I will publish that.

Them: Why?

Me: Okay – this is going to sound fussy, but it is the truth: I am not in a hurry to publish fiction because you guys don’t leave feedback on my books! Seriously. If you did, I might be compelled to deliver more. I mean, I hear you when you tell me you like my stuff, but if you don’t share that with others, how will they know about my works? 

Them: …

Alright. Enough on my one-sided conversation. (Although truths were revealed.) Thanks for keeping tuned to my website. Thanks for reading my books. Seriously, though. Do me a solid and leave me some feedback.


And now for a picture completely unrelated to this topic:

A Blue Jay eating a baby snake. No lie. These guys are fierce!


Cyndia Rios-Myers

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The Finished Product

So, we did it! We could not have done it without my husband and his tireless efforts.

Is my husband a contractor or a plumber? No, he is not. What he has is experience with plumbing during his time in the Navy, as well as with electrical and electronics. He is a very smart and very strong man. I am a lucky girl.

So, without further ado, here are our afters:

A working kitchen!


I love all of the white.


*Note: the cabinet doors above the coffee maker close completely.


Our side porch exit.


Okay; so here are the realities of this kitchen.

  1. There is very little countertop space. However, it has not been a problem for me. I’ve cooked complex dishes, too. Standing in the corner spot to the left of the fridge and the right of the stove while I chop, dice, and mix has left me with plenty of room.
  2. There is no dishwasher. This has also not been a problem. However, I should add that I am married to a man who does not mind doing the dishes. He and I also grew up in houses devoid of dishwashers (and now our son will, too, lol). It really isn’t hard to keep up with keeping the dishes clean.
  3. This is a small kitchen. This, for us, is a plus. Sure, I look at pictures of my friends’ kitchens and I see the comfort that they provide. However, I don’t need so many feet of countertop space. I also don’t like to see all of my kitchen appliances on the countertop.
  4. Our dining area is minuscule. There’s no two ways about that. However, it is only my husband, my son, and myself that live in our home. That’s three chairs. We have another one in the guest bedroom. Also, our table has leaves to it. If we need it to be bigger, we’ll move it to the center of the kitchen and extend the leaves.

The most important reality here is that this kitchen works for our real life. We love our real life.


Cyndia Rios-Myers