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Swim Call

See the woman wearing the orange tank top? The one with her arm in the air? That was me. About eighteen years ago. My ship had sailed to the Mariana Trench (deepest waters on planet Earth) and held a swim call. I wasn’t the strongest swimmer back then. Still, it was a blast. I remember how salty the water was. I remember floating. I remember swimming with Molly and Chris. I remember climbing the cargo net to get back onto the ship.

It was a great time.


Cyndia Rios-Myers

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What to Watch – Silver Bullet

Yes! OF COURSE I am still a massive fan of werewolves – in books and on film. During the night of a full moon? Not so much. (Also, know that I have a lot of silver in my home).

If you want me to get into it again, I can. Werewolves are a beast that I can empathize with. If lore and canon are to be believed, they typically have no control over what happens to them.

Alright. On to Silver Bullet. Stephen King wrote a novelette (fiction tale between 7,500 to 17,000 words) called Cycle of the Werewolf.  I have not read this book.

But I did watch Silver Bullet many years ago, when it had made its debut (1985).

Now typically, I am not a fan of Stephen King adaptations to the screen (with the exception of The Shining – thank you, Stanley Kubrick). Stephen King books are common in three regards: they are engrossing, petrifying, and familiar. That familiarity – the motif that are the Maine settings or the underdog saving the day – feels like a hug. On screen, however, that familiarity can come off as campy.

Not so with Silver Bullet.


The late Corey Haim is a big reason why this story translates so well to screen. Seeing Corey’s face on film is akin to visiting a childhood friend. He was cute, he was smart, and he was funny. Also, he was a great actor. Terry O’Quinn is also convincing in his role as the sheriff. Megan Follows – as the narrator and older sister to the hero of the tale – is a comfort to see, too. Gary Busey is there, too, as the fun, alcoholic, yet wonderful uncle.

Pretty early in the movie, you see who is revealed to be the bad guy. Getting from that point to the final showdown is still exciting, though.

Silver Bullet is not a kid’s movie. Also, it features a lot of profanity. However, it sticks to werewolf lore. The camaraderie of the townspeople (most of them) will warm your heart while the scary parts and gore will frighten the junk out of you.

It’s free on Hulu+, if you have it. You’ll have to pay a handful of bucks to watch it on Amazon.

Still, it is worth watching. Enjoy!


Cyndia Rios-Myers

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Twilight Movie Review: Breaking Dawn: Part 2


Action, action, and more action are (is?) what happens in this final installment of the Twilight Series. It picks up exactly where part one leaves off. Bella is a vampire. Bella is a wife. Bella is a mommy. Bella…is a fighter in training.

Storylines get wrapped up here. I’m not a fan of the Renesmee/Jacob plot. At all. She should have gotten to be Edward and Bella’s kid, finding her own way before she gets signed up to be someone’s partner. But, I think that Meyer had to set up someone as Jacob’s partner as well as an anchor tying the werewolves to the vampires.

But still….ew.

Watch it to finish the series. Mourn what you didn’t like. Relive what you loved of the series. And again – be engrossed. Let this series set you up for other books you might read. They should be demanding of your time. They should be worthy of your time.


Cyndia Rios-Myers

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Twilight Movie Review: Breaking Dawn: Part 1


This installment feels like a reward for what came before. The wedding! So gorgeous! Promises kept! Excitement! Action! Love! Consummation! I truly feel that Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart’s then real-life romance leeched into their acting here, because it is all so believable.

Breaking Dawn 1 is a showing of what Bella’s real life should be. Until a surprise rocks EVERYONE. Watch it and have fun!


Twilight Movie Series Reviewed – Eclipse

Confession time: I didn’t watch this movie a second time (the prior two, I had watched twice). But, I did see it once and I did read the book.

Things are still “normal-ish” in the fact that Bella and Edward are still in high school. Jacob is a werewolf, fighting for Bella’s love. New vampires are being made by the lover of a killed enemy. Vengeance. Bella is struggling with MARRIAGE. The adult in me (and probably the kid, had I read it at 14) shakes her head at this. Sure, you want to become a vampire forever, but a marriage vow is troubling??? (Probably the Catholic in me, too).

Still, action happens, as does romance. A promise is made at the end of this movie, which totally gets you ready for the next installment of the series.


Cyndia Rios-Myers

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The Twilight Series Reviewed – New Moon


Oh man!  I cannot tell you how important this book within the Twilight realm of books. Sometimes a good thing has to go bad before it gets better. Okay; maybe not. lol. The adult in me (which I usually am, I promise) wants to tell you that a good thing is a good thing. Unless it’s not.

Anyway. Things come to a head here. Edward breaks Bella’s heart. Out of love. Leaves her in the lurch! Out of love. Bella has the very adult lesson that is building your happiness and self-respect in a way that is not contingent on the affections of another.

Happens in the book, too.

Again, I loved this part. It was miserable and heart-rending to watch. You feel Bella’s pain. The adult in you realizes that it is necessary. But then, you start rooting for her. She starts building up, again. She starts having fun with others, again. Until you realize that the thrill-seeking behaviors are for a certain reason.

Sigh. But, more action comes. She has to save Edward, which is cool. She makes a choice. You’ll have to watch more to learn more.


Cyndia Rios-Myers



The Twilight Movie Series – Reviewed – Twilight


So, this weekend, I binged-watched the entire series of Twilight movies. By myself. On my iPad, because I didn’t want my husband judging me and I didn’t want my son (who doesn’t like TV or movies) to compare every other movie to Twilight.

I think that we can agree that Twilight is probably a love it or hate it sorta thing.

Which camp am I in? Love. I am in the “Love” camp.

Lemme rewind a bit here. When I first read Twilight, I was in need of something engrossing and distracting. I’d just given birth to my son. I’d quit a job I loved (and making money, which everyone loves) to be a stay-at-home-mom. My husband was about to deploy to Iraq. I had no family nearby. I needed something  to command my attention. Twilight did that.

Stephenie Meyer was going through the exact same thing when she wrote Twilight. She was a SAHM to boys. She was tired. She was sapped. She then had this wonderfully distracting dream that made life exciting again. She shared it with the masses (me included), and they enjoyed it, too.

I did not 100% love everything that happened in the series, but each book installment (and movie) had aspects to it that were just wonderful.

Twilight Movie: Just like the book, this movie starts BRILLIANTLY. Kristen Stewart adds a dimension to Bella Swan that makes the character believable. Her dad, Charlie, is believable, too. Washington State (where I’ve lived) is captured beautifully. Every moment – even through meeting Edward – is excellent. Robert Pattinson lends grace to Edward Cullen, too.  Here’s my “however” section. While romance is always sweet, Edward falls hard and fast for Bella. I don’t know that that translates to a book for teenagers. I think that the paranormal aspect to this – Edward being a lonely, moral, self-loathing, mind-reading vampire can explain why he falls for Bella; she’s a beautiful, old-for-her-age, lonely girl whose mind he cannot read. For Bella, Edward is a beautiful boy. He spurns her at first, getting her attention. He is brilliant and kind, once he opens up to her. He asks her deep questions about herself. He saves her life on two occasions and is always there for her.

Should Meyer have made this an adult book? Maybe. If one does not have the context on the relationship prior to seeing the movie, one might definitely believe that it is an abusive relationship that they are in. The lack of context makes it easy for many to mock or disdain the series.

The rest of the movie is very much action and romance-based. You start to see the seeds future troubles planted in there, though. Jacob. The Cullen family. The thought of going to human to becoming a vampire.

More than three thousand Amazon reviewers have given the movie 4.5 out of 5 stars. IMDB gives it 5.2 out of 10.

So…should you watch it? Absolutely. But maybe, you should watch it by yourself. Having to defend a movie’s plot or characters takes the fun out of watching an engrossing tale, which is what Twilight is.

In my opinion, the movie – just like the book – is what it is supposed to be; a tale that commands your attention. It does the job. Very well.

So, block out some time next weekend. Get the popcorn, chocolate, and your favorite beverages. Allow yourself enough time to watch the next movie in the series – New Moon. You’ll probably want to jump right to it.


Cyndia Rios-Myers