Marta Goes to KDP Select

Okay. So that’s not the title of Book 2 of Marta. Still, it matters.

I haven’t been selling well on platforms outside of Amazon. And I want more sales. And more reviews.

So, with that, I am moving Marta Cleans Up to the home of Kindle. If you’ve not yet purchased Marta Cleans Up and have Kindle Unlimited, now’s your chance to get a look at it.

Thanks to everyone who’s purchased Marta. It means a lot!

Cyndia Rios-Myers


Three More Reviews

Hi folks! Hope you are all doing well.

A couple of days ago, I let you all know that I needed five more reviews and why I needed them. Today I am telling you that I only need three more!

Let me refresh your memory as to why I need more reviews:

  • 7 reviews is my “starting position” for advertising.
  • So that I can advertise
  • So that I can sell more books
  • So that I can get more reviews
  • So that I can sell more books
  • So that I can speak from a position of experience when I say that Marta Cleans Up would make an EXCELLENT TV show when I pitch it to a certain actress and a certain producer.

So, ^ that’s it in a nutshell. I need three more reviews to keep the Marta momentum going.

OH! And if you’ve promised me a review? Thank you! I can’t wait for you to finish the book and let me know your thoughts.

Here’s a picture for your troubles:

(Me replacing a toilet seat). Is it relevant to book reviews? Maybe. Or maybe not.

Cyndia Rios-Myers


Only Five More

Five more reviews! That’s all I need to start advertising for Marta Cleans Up. It’s a bit frustrating that I am only up to two reviews. The purchases are out there to support far more than 7 reviews.

I was thinking about doing the free thing on Amazon, but have since decided against it. I am making some sales on other websites. Also, I don’t think that posting a book for free means that you will get more reviews. More downloads, for sure, but not more reviews.

So, here’s the plan:

  • (after getting five more reviews) get advertising
  • sell more books.
  • advertise in foreign markets.
  • bug a certain actress about reading said book.
  • bug a certain producer about reading the book.
  • work on book two
  • work on the cover art for book two
  • somewhere in there ^ work on translating Marta Cleans Up into Spanish.

So, as you see, I do have a plan. But it hinges on getting more reviews. I think that a lot of folks don’t understand the importance of them, which is a shame.

So. If you are reading this and are wondering what is next in the world of Marta, this is pretty close to it.

So, if you haven’t left me a review, PLEASE do so! Thank you!

Cyndia Rios-Myers

Bring Marta Home!

The Importance of Reviews

Hi folks! I know it’s been a while since I’ve been on here.

I’ve been staying busier on my Facebook page ( ) of late. Lots of instantaneous responses on there, where I like.

As you all know, Marta Cleans Up is now available for purchase through any and all e-book retailers out there. I hope you got your copy. I hope you left a review, too.

Because reviews are important. So, so, so very important.

So, please feel free to buy the book and let me know what you think about it. Thanks again!!!

Cyndia Rios-Myers


Marta Cleans Up – Now Available!

marta cleans up

Yay!!! I cannot tell you all how excited I am over the fact that Marta Cleans Up is now available for purchase! For now, it is only available as an e-book. The price is $3.99.

Would you like a reminder as to what Marta is about?

Chicago-based maid – Marta Morales – is tired of feeling irrelevant and being treated that way. She’s a thirty-nine-year-old divorcee. Her son is gone. She hates her ex-husband. She cannot stand her co-workers and the rest of her family lives in Puerto Rico and. That leaves a bit of a vacuum for human interaction. That quickly changes when Marta cleans out the recently vacated law office of an attorney at a fancy law firm. A forgotten cell phone contains incriminating video that both scares and excites Marta. She does the right thing by advising the law firm of the video and even talking to the cops about it. While nervous about the criminals she saw in the video, as well as the police officers asking her questions she cannot answer, she thinks she has things figured out. What she doesn’t expect is the treachery coming from the cleaning company she works with, as well as the attentions of two very attractive police detectives. Her feelings of irrelevance quickly disappear when she finds herself using talents she’d shelved long ago – those of a woman who used to be a police officer. “

Here are the links for purchase:


Barnes and Noble



So – please go and get your copy. Find out what it is that a forty-something-year-old Chicago-based maid cleans up.

Happy Reading!

Cyndia Rios-Myers


The Awesomeness of Alpacas

I have fallen in love with alpacas because of their awesomeness. Very much so. My laptop wallpaper does not feature a picture of my books, nor of my offspring, and not that of my husband. Featured there is a picture of Jellybean, the prettiest alpaca I’ve ever seen.

the awesomeness of alpacas, jellybean, alpaca

I fell head over heels with these docile creatures. Their beautiful, projecting eyes look like doll eyes. They are so quiet. So soft. And so vulnerable looking. They make this mommy yearn to own some of her own to take care of.

However, I cannot buy an alpaca farm. My husband simply would not be on board with it. Also, I don’t want the maintenance involved.

So, what does that leave? That leaves more visits to this alpaca farm to see these beautiful creatures without making a long-term commitment to them. Also, like another recent visit to a certain amusement park, this might inspire future writings.

So, I’ll leave you with more pictures of these gorgeous creatures. Be careful, though. You might find yourself looking up nearby alpaca farms to visit (try and do an internet search; there are alpaca farms all over the place!) You , too, will discover the awesomeness of alpacas.

Jellybean, again! The awesomeness of alpacas.
I've named this one Falcor. The awesomeness of alpacas.
How could you not love this creature?
The awesomeness of alpacas

You can visit these beautiful creatures, too, if you are a Pittsburgh local, or are in nearby Ohio or West Virginia. The Crafty Alpaca farm is located in Avella, Pennsylvania, which is about thirty minutes south of Pittsburgh. You can call for a tour, first. After meeting these awesome creatures, you can visit the gift shop to purchase wonderful alpaca fiber products such as mittens, hats, socks, scarves and other articles, made from the alpacas on site. Mary, the proprietor, even sells alpaca fiber items made by other alpaca farmers. So, go and visit! You will leave a different person.

Cyndia Rios-Myers